Business and Private Aviation Pushed Into the Digital Age

Business and Private Aviation Pushed Into the Digital Age

The consumer driven shift from OEM to services has also impacted the business and private aviation community, which forces the private community to shift into the digital age. In a previous article, I discussed the impact of OEM on MRO’S, and in another way, this impact has trickled into the private aviation community as well. Private jet sales have dropped, and the shift has turned to services. One reason is the lack of innovation by OEM’s or manufactures. Therefore, ownership has dropped, and the consumers are looking for services instead.

Competition Throughout the Industry

NetJets started the fractional ownership trend, and now the market is saturated with similar companies offering fractional services, creative membership offerings, jet cards, and empty legs sold for cheap. This is 100% a consumer driven shift. But how do all of these companies compete now? It’s all about speed and convenience.

Technology Produces Speed and Convenience

Consumers want answers at their fingertips. For instance, the CEO who sold his Gulfstream and now has a membership with let’s say, NetJets, still wants the convenience of owning his or her own aircraft. Without that speedy convenience, business and private aviation completely disappears, and commercial aviation is all that is left. This busy CEO does not want to have to call around and wait. This busy CEO wants to connect through a secure mobile app and reserve his time without any hassle.

Develop a Secure Mobile App

If you want to compete, you must be speedy and accessible to your frequent consumers and your most valued customers. Business and private aviation isn’t the same anymore. Your customers do not want to call and wait. Do you want to know why? UberUber has set the stage for convenience of traveling by car. Even if your consumers don’t use Uber, the convenience is recognizable, and their drivers and limo companies even communicate through mobile apps. So naturally, the consumer will expect this same speedy convenience out of the private and business aviation community.  The industry is innovating mobile applications in the commercial and defence sectors, internally, and customer-facing externally. It is time the business and private aviation community followed.


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