Marketing Online: SEO Trends of 2018

Marketing Online: SEO Trends of 2018

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is still alive and very important in any market. It is essential for every business to gain that competitive edge.

We hear individuals all the time claiming their web traffic isn’t a focus anymore, or their websites don’t generate business, and they have decided to focus on the social media sector instead. Certainly, focusing on social should definitely be a part of your strategy, but IT IS optimizing your digital market, and it still should be secondary to your own owned content. If you don’t optimize your content, then of course you will not generate traffic.

We have seen that SEO has changed and evolved over the years, and technology has been the driving force behind these many rapid changes.

The same trends that shape our everyday lives, the same trends you would like to focus your efforts on, are the same trends that shape how we must optimize today and in the future.

Let us look at some trends in SEO that you will hear a lot about in 2018:




Business, enterprise and individuals all rely on mobility in just about any task we undertake. Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows us to stay connected and share data in a multitude of situations and circumstances, with speed and convenience the driving forces. The IoT continues to grow, incorporating a level of mobility in everything, and in ways we never dreamed of. Samsung contributed greatly in innovative household ‘connected’ products. Supply chain now utilizes smart, connected robots and machines that are powered by software that track, share and organize data throughout the whole process straight to the customers door.

Mobility certainly has changed our lives and for the first time Google has shifted complete focus on mobile first indexing. Over 18 years of prioritizing the desktop indexes, Google started experimenting in mobile first indexing on November 4th, 2016. Now in 2018, Google has shifted completely to mobile first indexing.

Desktop indexing is still important. But Google will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site. This is important for you because if your site is configured differently among mobile and desktop platforms, you may want to make some changes. We can certainly help you.

It is not just enough to have a website anymore. It must be intuitive and configured on the back end to reach your audiences on their terms, while being indexed.




Google Rankbrain is an algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.  This is why your searches become more intuitive and relevant, leaving you with better-matched search results. This has an impact on you because Google is using AI based on content. It is important that you enhance and develop your content so it is valuable to your visitors and intended audiences. Some ways of doing this are as simple as rewriting better content, or even posting consistent blogs. One thing is for sure; the content should include longer snippets, structured data and much more content. We at Marquis Media can offer our services in writing content that will be relevant to your intended audiences, and keep AI happy.




Video is ubiquitous in our connected lives nowadays. I must spend several hours a day verifying, learning, training, or just being entertained through YouTube videos, video social media posts, or on training learning modules, checking out our competition, and so much more. But you name it, I usually read up first but now back everything up by watching video. Most people are like me; they retain information by utilizing different senses like seeing and hearing, rather than just seeing words on a page.

So if we all use video more, shouldn’t you incorporate that in your strategy? The answer is YES. Not only will you hold your intended audience longer, but video is now ranked and indexed content, and will continue to be a main trend and focus for 2018 and beyond. Easy incorporation into your content could be in the form of vlogs.  In addition to your written blogs, you could include training videos, and even satisfied customer reviews. We at Marquis Media can produce and direct all of your video content keeping you ahead of the competition, and optimized in our digital age.

Therefore, we are seeing some innovative and emerging SEO trends that have unquestionably evolved over the years. Your 2018 SEO trends should include and consider mobile first indexing, Rankbrain, and video.

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