Business and Private Aviation Pushed Into the Digital Age

Business and Private Aviation Pushed Into the Digital Age

The consumer driven shift from OEM to services has also impacted the business and private aviation community, which forces the private community to shift into the digital age. In a previous article, I discussed the impact of OEM on MRO’S, and in another way, this impact has trickled into the private aviation community as well. Private jet sales have dropped, and the shift has turned to services. One reason is the lack of innovation by OEM’s or manufactures. Therefore, ownership has dropped, and the consumers are looking for services instead.

Competition Throughout the Industry

NetJets started the fractional ownership trend, and now the market is saturated with similar companies offering fractional services, creative membership offerings, jet cards, and empty legs sold for cheap. This is 100% a consumer driven shift. But how do all of these companies compete now? It’s all about speed and convenience.

Technology Produces Speed and Convenience

Consumers want answers at their fingertips. For instance, the CEO who sold his Gulfstream and now has a membership with let’s say, NetJets, still wants the convenience of owning his or her own aircraft. Without that speedy convenience, business and private aviation completely disappears, and commercial aviation is all that is left. This busy CEO does not want to have to call around and wait. This busy CEO wants to connect through a secure mobile app and reserve his time without any hassle.

Develop a Secure Mobile App

If you want to compete, you must be speedy and accessible to your frequent consumers and your most valued customers. Business and private aviation isn’t the same anymore. Your customers do not want to call and wait. Do you want to know why? UberUber has set the stage for convenience of traveling by car. Even if your consumers don’t use Uber, the convenience is recognizable, and their drivers and limo companies even communicate through mobile apps. So naturally, the consumer will expect this same speedy convenience out of the private and business aviation community.  The industry is innovating mobile applications in the commercial and defence sectors, internally, and customer-facing externally. It is time the business and private aviation community followed.


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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure the Trend of Today and the Future

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure the Trend of Today and the Future

Technology and innovation is driving business infrastructure to change rapidly, and one area that is driving change is infrastructure itself, and the need to keep up with increasing data, storage, security, systems and several other sub systems. Globalization has driven businesses to compete in ways that infrastructure must support. The solution is a hyper-converged infrastructure.

Infrastructure in the past meant IT departments needed to manage and support several different areas for the business separately and have them all communicate with one another. Data Center, Storage, Networking, Server and Compute. These are the legacy infrastructures of the past and we all know. Technology today drove this antiquated system into a converged infrastructure (CI). CI combines these areas into one single, virtualized chassis. The infrastructure today and the future is now driven by a hyper-converged infrastructure. (HCI). HCI scales and streamlines infrastructure like CI but is all driven by powerful software using an x86 architecture making your datacenter agile and powerful.

Here’s a great image courtesy of Cisco   Legacy Datacenter looked a lot like this:

Nutanix provided a great image of even a converged infrastructure converted into HCI:

So, you can see what your IT departments have had to deal with traditional infrastructure and where innovation and streamlining has taken us.

What many enterprises are faced with now is that their traditional infrastructures are at life end anyway, so now would be the time to implement HCI. But I am sure you have some questions.

How Do I Know What HCI Solution is Best for My Enterprise?

Let Marquis Performance Group evaluate your infrastructure, and future business outlook. We can discuss and advise you on the best solutions completely independent from partner middlemen who are incentivized to push vendor products that may not be best for your needs.

Is HCI Expensive?

 A better question for you would be, what would it cost you if you lost your infrastructure? Could it cost you your job? Your company? The investment of a hyper-converged infrastructure can save your IT department not only a lot of money in the long run, but also a lot of time. Overtime is expensive.

How Long Does HCI Take to Implement and Deploy?

Each project and deployment are different. Let us evaluate your needs, and we can make recommendations from there. We will introduce you to the right vendor who can build your deliverables timeline and help improve your business.

Is HCI Secure?

Marquis Performance Group can help advise you on the best solution to make sure you aren’t vulnerable.

Contact Marquis Performance Group today for a consultation.